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Why Not Have Equality?

Why Not Have Equality?

BY Kevin Krest


I applaud the five members of the Women’s National Soccer Team for filing a claim with the EEOC to get pay equity with their male counterparts.

According to reports, the women generate over $16 million in profit for the US Soccer Federation, while the men lose $2 million, yet the players on the men’s team make up to ten times per game what the women get. This practice is preposterous on a number of levels, but more importantly, it’s illegal. Based on the similarity in the schedules and qualifying processes for both World Cups, it’s absurd that the women are so blatantly taken advantage of.

In addition, and this is a FIFA issue, the men don’t have to play on artificial surfaces, while the women are not afforded the same consideration. Like the corruption scandal that is currently unfolding in FIFA, this issue needs to be addressed. It’s not unlike the situation in college athletics, where everyone seems to get their’s except the so-called student athletes.

As a former HR Director, I can say with confidence the U.S. Soccer Federation is clearly in the wrong, both philosophically and legally. They should get ahead of this by proposing immediate changes, but we all know they probably won’t, because it just makes too much sense to everyone but them.


[Photo: Maddie Meyer – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images]



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Why Not Have Equality?

Why Not Have Equality?

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