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When You’re A Celebrity It’s Not A Hookup

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When You’re A Celebrity It’s Not A Hookup

BY Matthew Long


We can probably all agree that there are some stark differences between the everyday life and world that the average person lives in and the world and reality of the celebrity. Most people have never been handed an outfit and jewelry totaling over a million dollars to wear to an event, nor have they been given $50 million to attach their name and face to brand. I would be will to say that everyday businesses aren’t clamoring to send you their latest shoes, or watches, or markup, or a billion other things. In the world of the celebrity walking in to a fine jeweler, trying on a watch and just walking out with the watch and not paying it, is not uncommon for most big name celebrities. It also, is not stealing.

This is something that is referred to as endorsing. The traditional types of endorsements we know are the ones we see on television, in magazine ads, on the red carpet or at events. According to Stacy Jones, president of Hollywood Branded marketing group to the stars, in an interview with Business News Daily, “A celebrity seen with your brand allows you a presence that can impact your sales, and definitely increase consumer awareness of your brand.”

Some of you sports fans are probably wondering where I’m going with this. When you or I go to a bar and become friendly with the bar tender and he subsequently starts sliding you free drinks in return for tips only, that is a hoop up. If you or I go to a restaurant and they decide that particular day your wings are on the house, that too is a hoop up. When you or I meander into a store and the individual working at said store tells you can have that t-shirt no charge, that again is a hook up. However, these are all stealing if the person that is giving you the hook up doesn’t have the authority to do so. When celebrities do this things that are part of a company’s marketing budget, and when you or I accept these gifts, it’s part of their loss and liabilities budget.

Star athletes are celebrities; they can walk in and out of places receiving special treatment. They also, are privileged to receive free-bees because business wants their products to be seen with those celebrities. Whether you like it or not, Jameis Winston had some level of celebrity, and he got things and money because of it. Right or wrong that is that fat of the matter. The real issues with him walking out with the crab legs was the person that was giving out the free-bees didn’t have the authority to, which made it a hoop up and illegal. On top of that it is also against NCAA rules to accept gifts.

That being said, this was one of the least of the worries of NFL GMs and coaches that are looking about leveraging the future of their franchise but selection him in the NFL at the end of the month. The best barometer for success, according to psychological research, is not one IQ; it’s actually having the ability to focus. The focus they refer to is having the ability to make good decision, have patience when it’s called for, and overcoming temptations when they are presented. Clearing in high pressure in game moments Winston excels, but throughout the rest of the game and off the field he seems to lack this focus. The things at can positively change a person, according to David Brooks author of The Social Animal, are a person’s “environment” and “relationships”. But the person has to stay within that positive environment and/or relationship, or the will revert back to their original bad behaviors. Nike is one of the best public relations companies on the planet; they know how to manage celebrities and all that comes with them. It’s not comes to no surprise to me that they signed Jameis Winston last week. They will be able to get in front of the off the field issue and turn fans toward the likable qualities of the young Jameis. Only time will tell if the young man will learn from his mistakes, but as the saying goes, the best predictor of ones future is ones past.     Follow Matthew Long on Twitter @mattlongsports for updates on all things sports and entertainment, and listen to The Cold Hard Truth: On Truth radio show Tuesdays from 8:30p-10:30p EST on MRN Broadcasting powered by When You’re A Celebrity It’s Not A Hookup Copy Rights MRN Broadcasting & The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports

When You’re A Celebrity It’s Not A Hookup

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