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Water Skiing Behind an Aircraft Carrier

Water Skiing Behind an Aircraft Carrier

BY Kevin Krest


I can certainly understand the financial motivation by the NCAA to hold its highest profile event in a venue designed for a different sport, but staging basketball’s Final Four in a football stadium is just a lousy idea. I was at NRG Stadium in 2011, the last time the championship was held in Houston. The basketball was atrocious, with the players’ inability to adapt to the cavernous facility.

In order to have all 70,000+ seats available, the NCAA has elected not to place the court at one end of the field and use the end zone as sideline seats for basketball. I attended the South Region games in the Georgia Dome in 2006 and the stadium was basically cut in half. The quality of play was more like what you would expect in a large arena.

Does the revenue difference between 40,000 and 70,000 seats really justify the terrible basketball that it creates? I don’t think so and the NCAA should rethink the ridiculous practice of playing basketball games in football stadiums. What’s next, playing lacrosse games on a golf course?


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