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Thoughts After The Trade Deadline – 2017-2018 NBA Season

With all that went on with the Cavs, there was still a few moves made in the NBA before the deadline. Let’s take a look at a few of those.

The Nuggets acquire Devin Harris from Dallas, the Knicks get Emmanuel Mudiay from Denver, and the Mavericks get Doug McDermott from New York. Denver and New York also get a second round pick

This three-way trade gives Denver a veteran in Harris while giving up youth in Mudiay, while McDermott goes to Dallas giving them a shooter off the bench. Right now, the Nuggets are positioned at 7th in the Western Conference and they do not want to lose ground in the second half of the season. Harris will be able to get some minutes in to give Jamal Murray some rest in the home-stretch. For the Knicks, Mudiay is part of a guard lineup with Jarrett Jack, Courtney Lee, Trey Burke, and others. Like the three names mentioned, Mudiay can put up double digit points in a game but New York needs consistency on both ends of the floor especially now with Kristaps Porzingis out with an ACL tear. For the Mavericks, they may see what they can do with McDermott at the end of the season as they are in contention for the first pick in the 2018 draft.

Bulls trade Jameer Nelson and a 2022 second round pick to the Pistons for Willie Reed and a 2022 second round pick

The Pistons added to their roster with a veteran point guard in Nelson while giving up a player in Reed who has been with four teams in just three seasons. Reed started the season with the Clippers then was part of the deal with Blake Griffin to go to Detroit. Now he is part of a deal to get Nelson away from Chicago (who got him from New Orleans a week ago) and the Bulls ended up cutting him after the trade. Nelson didn’t even suit up for the Bulls in the one week that he was there, and it is unknown what Detroit will do with him as they already have four point guards on their current roster. As mentioned before, they have been on a run since Blake Griffin got there and they may not need Nelson to play for them at this point.

Grizzlies trade James Ennis III to the Pistons for Brice Johnson and a second round pick

Another acquisition made by Detroit includes a small forward in Ennis who was a member of the Pelicans and the Heat before stopping at Memphis. He will add to the rotation at the 3 position with Reggie Bullock and Stanley Johnson and all of them have been in the league 4 seasons or less. The pace that Detroit can play at with them could give opposing defenses some issues. Brice Johnson has played only 12 games in his pro career after being at UNC and hasn’t really been that productive. In Memphis, he may be able to get some playing time but if he doesn’t pick up his game he may not make the roster for the 2018-19 season.

Pelicans trade Dante Cunningham to the Nets for Rashad Vaughn

New Orleans is still dealing with the loss of DeMarcus Cousins due to injury and their recent transactions have been a response to that. They added Nikola Mirotic a week ago in a trade and now they have a guard on their roster for Cunningham, who was giving the Pelicans some good minutes off the bench at the 3 spot. For Brooklyn, they get someone in time to be part of the roster as their starter Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is out with an injury for the next few days. The front office for Brooklyn will be able to see what Cunningham has to offer early as he will get more minutes until Hollis-Jefferson fully recovers. Vaughn will be competing with backup Ian Clark for minutes behind Jrue Holiday who may be having the best season of his career. If he can give them some type of production from that spot off the bench, it may help the Pelicans keep their spot in the Western Conference and make the playoffs.


Thoughts After The Trade Deadline – 2017-2018 NBA Season
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Thoughts After The Trade Deadline – 2017-2018 NBA Season

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