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The Ol’ Ball Coach Considering Return to Coaching

The Ol’ Ball Coach Considering Return to Coaching

BY Matthew Long


If you ever get a chance to talk to a head coach or athlete you find out pretty quickly that outside of being presented on a major stage for most of their career, they are pretty much like you or I. When it comes to retirement, it’s not too much different.

US News reports that 14% of men who retire return to the workforce within two years. Steve Spurrier is considering returning to coaching and being part of that 14%. He admitted to The State newspaper that he has mulled over the idea of getting back in the game.

For those of you that are thinking about where he would start coaching again, a comeback at the University of Florida or maybe the Tennessee Volunteers gig that is rumored to open up is out of the cards. “The Ol’ Ball Coach” stated “I don’t want to be a head coach. There’s too much involved with the head coach.” This is highly understandable because of the nature and grind of being a head coach or coordinator.

At this point, he probably would be best tempered to be an assistant coach in more of an advisory role, rather than running the show. He said that he would entertain a situation like a “high school, or junior, well they don’t have junior highs anymore. Just high school, or somewhere there to coach quarterbacks and pitch the ball around.”

As he said, “It would just have to be the right situation,” and that leaves a pretty big opening for offers. He may truly want to just work with high school students, a lot of former professional and college standouts do just that, but he likes the process and winning, which makes him a better suited for the college game. An advisory role would give him the exposure to the game he clearly misses and the flexibility to not have to be in the day-to-day grind that most of the staff is involved in.

Spurrier retired from coaching in October of 2015 at the University of South Carolina, and was replaced with offensive lineman coach Shawn Elliot as interim head coach. He’s a College Football of Fame inductee and has a head coaching record of 228-28-2 with Duke, Florida, and South Carolina. The legendary coach won seven conference titles, was a nine-time conference Coach of the Year, and won a national championship in 1996. He also had a storied career as a player for the Florida Gators winning a Heisman Trophy and spent time in the NFL and USFL.





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The Head Ball Coach Considering Return to Coaching
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The Ol’ Ball Coach Considering Return to Coaching

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