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Take Away From Ronda Rousey’s Loss to Amanda Nunes

Rousey hit with right hand by Nunes

Take Away From Ronda Rousey’s Loss to Amanda Nunes

BY Matthew Long


A much-anticipated fight at so many levels, for fans and the fighters alike, it told a lot in only 48 seconds of the first round. The story lines are already flying and rumors are starting to swirl about the future of Ronda Rousey and her fighting career after UFC 207.

The loss is something that is tough for most people and depending on the type of loss and how it weighs on the individual, the effects can be very damaging physically and psychologically. Rousey’s first loss was due in large part being out of position and unprepared for Holly Holm and her boxing background. Rousey wanted to stand and trade with a former world championship boxer and kickboxer, which seemed like an ego move, and her overconfidence was put in check.

The former pound-for-pound best took a huge kick to her confidence and battled depression following her first professional loss. Last night was the first real test to see if her mind was ready to face the trauma. She proved that she wasn’t ready. Many have been critical of UFC President Dana White for putting Rousey straight back into a title fight for a variety of reasons. I wasn’t sure if she was over the post-traumatic stress of her knockout loss about one year before.

Rousey reacting Nunes punch to face


Amanda Nunes the current bantamweight champion, was crouched and ready for this opportunity. She took advantage of what she learn from the Holm victory and brought leather straight up the middle. Ronda knew that Amanda throws heavy punches in the first round and comes forward, and did nothing to stop it.

I’m not ready to write Rousey off as an elite fighter, but she needs to change trainers, adjust her style, and without a doubt get with a boxing specialist, preferably someone that can help with defense. It is time for her reinvent herself if she is to continue her fighting career.





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Take Away From Ronda Rousey’s Loss to Amanda Nunes
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Take Away From Ronda Rousey’s Loss to Amanda Nunes

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