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Stamkos Breaks A Leg… YES! YES! YES!

BY: Ricky Chek


Yeah that’s right you heard me correctly and yes I can pass a drug test right now just for the record. I just let out the signature chant for Daniel Bryan after stating that Mr. NHL goal scoring leader broke his leg. At least give me a chance to explain myself before you run me out with your torch and pitchfork like an angry mob chasing a big green ogre. I get it, Mr. MVP; Steven Stamkos is out for a long time, and well indefinitely to be more specific. I guess that really didn’t narrow it down either. However, ladies and gentlemen this is a blessing in disguise because your Tampa Bay Lightning will be a better team without the Stammer this year.

First, let me just clarify that a broken leg is a helluva lot better than a torn ligament in the knee and I think all of you can agree with me there, and if you don’t, allow me to give you a quick anatomy lesson. The rehab time isn’t nearly as long with a broken bone. When a bone is broken, you have surgery to re align the bone and sometimes that isn’t even needed, you drink a few glasses of milk and the bone is literally as good as new. The key part of that is that it is as strong as it was before it was broken. On the other hand the ligament is much worse. It always requires surgery and remember they are connective tissues that hold bones together. Then comes the rehab process and because it is tissue when he heals it is effectively different than the original.

Okay so now that the boring mumbo jumbo is out of the way now on to the juicy part of this article, the Tampa Bay Lightning are better without Stamkos but only for this year. Of course being without arguably the best player in the NHL is devastating but missing him for a year isn’t the worst thing in the world for the team’s foreseeable future. Having a team with a surging Ben Bishop at goaltender, who is only 26 years old by the way, will have his first full season as a starting goaltending season under his belt. The way he is going he will have a ton of confidence to go with it, oh and did I mention he is YOUNG. This guy has all signs pointing to be a great goaltender for some time to come. Yes Bolts fans… FINALLY you have a long-term goaltender. *Knocks on wood*

Secondly, all of their core players are locked up. I mean sure some of the older guys will be another year older but do you really believe a guy like Martin St. Louis is going to lose a step or two next year? I mean this guy has showed NO signs of slowing up at all so why assume that now. This guy can flat out play and knows how to get it done. The top guy you could argue that isn’t under contract is Sami Salo, but dude is going to be 40 next year so you could find a serviceable defenseman to replace him that is a bit younger (and healthier) if you really wanted to. My main point is the same group of fellas that are proudly wearing the blue and white this year will be dawning the same jersey next year.

Okay, okay, I hear you, “What’s your point? How are they better without Stammer?” This area has watched Stamkos grow as an NHL player since he was drafted. We have always depended on the 23-year-old center to pull this team thru the tough times. Well guess what, now the tides have turned. We need this team, fans included, to pull Stamkos thru his tough time. They need to learn to play without the 2-time all-star… and so far they have shown just that. This is a team game, which is in reality a live and die by the goaltender type game. There are very few times where a hockey game ends 7-6 generally you put up 3 goals and you are good for a win. With Ben Bishop as my last line of defense I’m feeling pretty good about that. Even though Stamkos was on the start of an MVP caliber season, the Lightning sure as hell does not lack offensive firepower. They still have some goal scorers with St. Louis and Filppula with guys who have been there before and can get the job done in Malone and Purcell and even the young guns that could step their games up in Stamkos’ injury, Alex Killorn and Tyler Johnson, have shown spurts of fire. With Stamkos out of the lineup the rest of the team will grow tighter as a whole.

What does this entire thing mean? Well if you haven’t put the pieces together yet let me break it down in layman’s terms for you and do the math for you. If you let this team have a chance to play together for a season without a plan to run the offense through Steven Stamkos and work together, give them a year under their belt and allow Ben Bishop to flourish as a lead goaltender. This team has a BRIGHT future in front of them. The best part is none of the players are going anywhere!! Just to clarify I am not saying this team can’t make the playoffs this year either, that would only make this theory even stronger by inserting a guy like Stamkos into a playoff team next year is just as good as signing that big time free agent only he already knows his teammates and the system. I am also not saying that I think Stamkos demands the puck but I mean why wouldn’t you run the offense through this guy, its freaking STAMMER!!!!!!

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