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Spence dominates Peterson to retain title

Spence dominates Peterson to retain title

By James Bell


The people in attendance at the Barclays Center expected to see a good main event.

What they ended up seeing was nearly a blowout.

A great performance by IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. led to a stoppage victory over former super lightweight and welterweight champion Lamont Peterson and kept Spence’s undefeated record intact. He improved his record to 23-0 now with 20 knockouts while Peterson suffered his second defeat by technical knockout and his 4th defeat overall.

It was a bad day for Peterson from the start as Spence came out in the first round imposing his skill early. He is known for his body attack, but at the beginning of the fight he mixed up his offensive arsenal and connected with the left hand. While both fighters started out slow, Spence was able to get into gear by throwing punches that were getting through the guard of Lamont Peterson. Spence was scoring often in the first three rounds, and it was only the counter-punches that Peterson was landing that seemed to be the only offense that Peterson had for a good while.

Peterson tries to find his range against Spence. (Photo by James Bell)

By the fifth round, Spence was able to connect on a series of punches that eventually had Peterson place both gloves on the canvas for the first knockdown of the fight. It took a few survival skills on Peterson’s part for him not to be taken out of the fight there. He was able to get some of his bearings back in the sixth and the first part of the seventh round, but it was not enough to get Spence off of him and continue to receive the barrage of punches that he was taking. The doctor on his corner evaluated him and Barry Hunter looked to not have him come out for the start of the eighth round.

Errol Spence goes after Lamont Peterson. (Photo by James Bell)

This was the tenth consecutive KO victory for Errol Spence Jr, and he credited his trainer Derrick James for the way he was able to get the win tonight.

“My coach came with a great game plan, and I just followed through with it. Keep my range, keep my composure.”

He also pointed out that even though he came away with the stoppage victory, there were a few things to work on.

“I still can improve a lot on my defense. I just have to keep perfecting my skills and keep progressing. You’re going to see a better Errol Spence next time I get in the ring.”

He did approach Peterson with an offense first mentality, and that did leave him open to the counter shots by Peterson. However, that did not deter Spence from moving forward with his attack. It was the consistent landing of Spence’s left hand that forced Hunter to not have his fighter continue before the eighth round started.

“I had to stop it,” Barry Hunter stated after the end of the fight. “At the end of the day this is my son right here. And there’s nothing more valuable than his well being. If it comes to him or winning, I pick him. I care about him.”

There wasn’t really much that Peterson could do after seven rounds, as Spence seemed to control every single round in this fight. He was connecting very well on power shots, including 35 in the fifth round where he scored the knockdown. It was a mere formality after that fifth round as Spence had all the momentum.

Peterson tries to anticipate the attack of Spence. (Photo by James Bell)

Spence now aims to move forward in the welterweight division, specifically a title unification clash between him and WBA “super” and WBC welterweight champ Keith Thurman. He wants to prove to the world that he is the best fighter at 147, and has no problems challenging the unified champion in order to stake his claim.

“Everybody knows I’ve been waiting on ‘Sometimes’ Thurman…Since I was 15-0 I’ve been calling this guy out, and he keeps making excuses. Let’s get it on.”

Hopefully, that fight ends up happening sooner than much later.

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Spence dominates Peterson to retain title
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Spence dominates Peterson to retain title

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