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San Francisco 49ers Hire John Lynch

John Lynch introduced into the Broncos Ring of Honor

San Francisco 49ers Hire John Lynch

BY Matthew Long


Sunday night it was reported that the San Francisco 49ers hired their General Manager. Who might it be? Well, it was a guy that Vegas might of not even had odds on, NFL Hall of Fame finalist and 15-year player veteran John Lynch.

Frist reported by FOX Sports Jay Glazer:

He’s known as a student of the game and one a brilliant football mind, but I’m not sure this is what most people had in mind. 15-years in the league as a player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots around some tremendous people and several more years in the broadcasting both around more great people, but zero experience in the front office, coaching, or running operations.

Is that a problem? Nope!

Many time when recruiters or businesses try to find that ideal prototype or someone that fits into this box they think what the right person should fit into, they miss out on the best candidates and ultimately that right person for the job.

Now, I’m not saying the Lynch is going to part the sea, but I’m not saying that isn’t going to be largely successful as a GM. The problem people will have grasping at the fact that he is the 9ers GM, is that they haven’t seen him do it before. So to paraphrase the father of mindfulness John Kabat-Zinn, “maybe the fear is that he is less than we think he is, when the actuality of it is that he is much much more.”

In short, we won’t know until we do, so until then it’s a waiting and watching game. My advice is to be mindful and all of it to happen, but it will happen regardless.

Lynch is an incredibly bright guy and no one questions his football knowledge. I think in the case of this hire, as has happened with many companies in the past, the person for the job is someone outside the box. He is a Standford alumni, played in the league for a decade and a half, and had prospectives that others may not.

Is he the best hire, I don’t know, but he is the intriguing one at that.


[Photo: Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post]



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San Francisco 49ers Hire John Lynch
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San Francisco 49ers Hire John Lynch

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