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Report on Russell-Escandon Undercard

Report on Russell-Escandon Undercard

By James Bell


Saturday afternoon was a good day to watch some boxing, and there were a few fights that happened in the MGM National Harbor before the main event of Gary Russell Jr. versus Oscar Escandon. Here we will go over those fights and give a summary…

Cobia Breedy beats Wilfredo Garriga by unanimous decision

Cobia “Soldier” Breedy, who was a member of the Barbados Olympic team, defeated Wilfredo Garriga by unanimous decision to move to 10-0 in his pro career while Garriga suffered his 7th pro loss going down to 4-7-1. Two judges scored the bout 59 to 55 with a 58 to 56 score coming from another judge. Breedy came out aggressive to get the upper hand on Garriga and that proved to be the difference in the fight as there was not much of a threat by Garriga to seriously hurt Breedy.

Breedy and Garriga scope each other before the end of the fight. (Photo by James Bell)

Breedy wants to get a few more fights in before the year ends, then go after the best fighters in the 130 pound division in 2018. Gervonta “Tank” Davis is one of the hottest names in the sport right now, and Cobia would like to get a chance to go after him. However, he would be ready for anyone that is ranked among the best in the super featherweight division.

“Anybody can get it,” Breedy says confidently. “I train for any atmosphere and I adjust to my surroundings.”

Gary Antuanne Russell defeats Joshua Ross by technical knockout

The evening for the Russell family was off to a great start as Gary Antuanne Russell was able to win his pro debut by knocking out Joshua Ross at the 2:25 mark in the first round. He scored two knockdowns earlier in the fight as Ross was overwhelmed from the start and couldn’t get anything off.

Antuanne was expecting to work a little bit more in his first professional fight, but he was well prepared leading up to the bout. “I listened, I followed instructions and it led me to a fast victory. I wish it would have lasted longer. I was looking forward to it being more exciting,” he stated after the fight.

Gary Antuanne Russell gets sent to a neutral corner while Joshua Ross tries to get up

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so short. We trained and sparred for twelve rounds as if I was a professional before my debut and that’s what I was prepared to do – go the distance. But I executed what my father told me to and I got that quick victory.”

Joshua Ross record goes to 2-4-4 after this loss.

Gary Antonio Russell defeats Jouvany Fuentes by technical knockout

Right after his younger brother scored a victory, Antonio Russell came to the ring to take on Jouvany Fuentes in the super bantamweight division…it took a while for him to come to the ring as his brothers and his father all wanted to get ready to be out there with him. Once things got started Antonio got after Fuentes and scored a knockdown by Round 2. In the third round, Antonio was able to get another knockdown, and that forced referee Brent Bowell to stop the fight with 22 seconds left in the round. With this win, Antonio stays unbeaten now at 8-0, giving Fuentes the 9th loss in his career.

Leading up to the fight, Antonio was studying what his opponent liked to do and had a strategy to counter it. In his post-fight comments, he pointed that out and was expecting it but didn’t see much of it. “We capitalized on everything we worked on in the gym,” stated Gary Antonio Russell. “We knew he favored his right hook so I would walk to it to try to get him to throw it and he wasn’t really doing it. I just knew I needed to touch and fire and that is exactly what I did.”

Alexandru Marin defeats German Munaz by unanimous decision

In the last fight of the afternoon before the Showtime telecast, Alexander Morin went six rounds with German Munaz before getting a unanimous decision to win his 13th pro fight. The scores were all 60 to 54, giving Marin a shutout victory. After 100 fights, Munaz drops to 55-44-1 with this being his sixth consecutive loss.

[Photos: James Bell / The Boxing Source]


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Report on Russell-Escandon Undercard
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Report on Russell-Escandon Undercard

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