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Porter defeats Berto by TKO

Shawn Porter defeats Andre Berto by TKO

By James Bell


The Barclays Center has been a site for many good fights over the past 12 months, and the matchup between Shawn Porter and Andre Berto was shaping up to be one of those. These two fighters had a lot on the line going into it as both were within the top 10 ranking at the welterweight division and the winner would be the #1 contender for the WBC welterweight championship. At the end of the fight, it was Porter who came out victorious as the referee stopped the fight in the 9th round when he felt that Berto had taken too much punishment.

It was a rough fight as Porter had a plan to smother Berto and work on the inside to hurt him. It was a good strategy as Porter was able to get in close and connect with a few body punches and some to the head. One of the takeaways to this approach was that he leaned forward and was prone to a clash of heads. This happened early and often, and the first cut of the fight that Porter received to his left eye in the 2nd round was due to a clash of heads. Porter was able to adjust to the cut and ended up knocking down Berto near the end of the round to give him a lead early in the fight.

This type of action dominated the night as Berto could not really get much of his offense off and he often complained about the inside fighting that Porter was doing. He received a cut on his eye in the fourth round and Porter had his right eye cut in the same round, leaving the rest of the fight to be a rough showing for the fans at the Barclays Center. In total, Porter was able to land a total of 175 punches over the course of the fight while Berto landed only 81, not being able to get into a rhythm due to what Porter did to tie up his arms and still get off punches of his own.

With this win, Porter is the #1 contender for the WBC title and he is looking to get another shot at Keith Thurman, who got the win over him at the Barclays last June. That was a Fight of the Year candidate, and if they meet again the styles of both fighters would show that it would have the potential for another great fight.

Berto suffers his fifth career loss and that has come over the course of six years after winning his first 27 pro fights. It will be tough to see what is next for Berto as he may fall out of the top ten rankings for welterweights.

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Shawn Porter defeats Andre Berto by TKO
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Shawn Porter defeats Andre Berto by TKO

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