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NFL & Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism Agree to An Extension

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NFL & Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism Agree to An Extension

BY Matthew Long


The National Football League and its American Football production seems to be a natural fit for Mexico City. A fresh new fan base that is ever growing and learning about the sport that has been on a television broadcast for five or more networks for a decade plus.

On Sunday, the NFL and Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism agreed to an extension and will now play three regular-season NFL games in Mexico from 2019-2021. The positive feedback from last year and projected outcome this year has fueled this deal. It has been a boost in tourism and the presence of Mexico’s brand and has presented signs of potential for future expansion of NFL franchises, if the owners and the league were to agree to integrate additional teams.

The current agreement between Mexico and the NFL only applies to games for 2016 through 2018. According to the league source, the new deal “will be formalized by both parties at a later date, at which time representatives of the parties will finalize the corresponding legal and administrative documents.”

Mexico has the second most NFL fans to the USA (Statista).

The Ministry of Tourism in its venture with the NFL stated that the highlighted key outcomes they’re looking for out of this being, “the importance of high impact sporting events for the promotion of Mexico’s tourism both nationally and internationally.”  This partnership is part of the strategies that are implemented by the Ministry to increase economic impact in these sectors.


So far, they have reported that Mexico City and other areas of the country have seen economic benefits from the first of half of the existing agreement, which has helped to support “the tourism sector and offering our country a platform to be promoted internationally within the main markets that generate tourists,” according to Mexican officials.

The platform of these games has facilitated to fans taking advantage of the trip to extend their stay and explore more of the what Mexico has to offer. This willingness to travel to the game and not just for the game is a potential caveat for a future franchise. These same factors are not too far off from what made Las Vegas an attractive option, while it would bring the NFL its first international team. Any such change would have to be agreed to by owners.





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NFL & Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism Agree to An Extension
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NFL & Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism Agree to An Extension

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