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NFL Announces $100 Million Towards Player Health & Safety

NFL Announces $100 Million Towards Player Health & Safety

BY Matthew Long


The National Football League has been pelted with blame and accusations of neglect; they have been the subject numerous of law suits and the linchpin for political banter, much of which has revolved around the well-being of its current and former athletes.

It is fair to say some of the decisions the League’s commissioner Rodger Goodell has made have been at times inconsistent. From statements released to the outcomes of punishments, everyone has been at a pause when these things have been announced. This has made the NFL look tone death on issues on a number of occasions, three of which come to the forefront; player protests, domestic violence, and player injuries (most notably Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) & traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)).

How the world views TBIs, in the sports world or not, has for the most part, ran throw the very public dance between these types of injuries and the NFL. It has been a dance at times the audiences doesn’t know who’s leading or who’s following. The payouts to former players that were impacted by the handling of head injuries, among other ailments, has already begun with a host of other litigation on the table.

In a positive light the NFL has in the past few years have worked hard and dedicated more time, resources and funding to improve players safety. From rules charges to limit the potential contact with the head and neck area, to incentivizing equipment manufacturers in product development, to funding medical research to find new ways that they diagnose, treat and hopefully prevent these occurrences to the player’s health.

In the 2017 NFL Health & Safety Report, the commission announced that they will set aside 100 million towards player health and safety. $40 million of the League’s allotment will go to “new medical research, primarily dedicated to neuroscience.” These efforts are, “led by an independent Scientific Advisory Board that is charged with reviewing and evaluating research proposals, and recommending projects for investment.”

The report for the League states that, “$60 million into the Engineering Roadmap—a project to better understand concussion-causing impacts and provide innovators and manufacturers with both novel research and incentives to develop advanced protective equipment.”

There is hope that eventually they will be able to helmets designed for each position, much like the current do with shoulder pads and the assortment of accessories that allows the player a degree of customization with their equipment.

It is hopeful that these advancement come in time for the 2019 season, according to one source. Any improvement to what is actively used today will surely improve the longevity of players health and their lives.


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NFL Announces $100 Million Towards Player Health & Safety
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NFL Announces $100 Million Towards Player Health & Safety

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