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Matthew Long covering Bears vs Bucs in Tampa.

Matthew Long “The Executioner”

Executive Editor & Lead Contributor


Matthew Long has been a large part of The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports, since its inception in 2010 when it was a part of The Cold Hard Truth, then a non-profit panel debate and lecture series in Tampa Bay. He has been the executive editor of The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports’ website since 2013 when the website was first founded. Long hosts and produces The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports weekly syndicated web-radio show on the Go Long Media channel on

Matt is a husband and father of twins, along with being a proud native Nebraskan. His journey in sports and news media started out at a young age with a love for dirt track car racing, football, baseball, basketball, and boxing. Even at a very young age, he could remember racing his toy cars and commentating the race that transpired. When he was at events he always was more interested in asking the drivers and athletes questions to learn about them and what they did, than an autograph on a t-shirt or hat. “I have always really enjoyed sports and what the athlete and staff brought to it. I guess that is what I am a fan of more than any one team. I like the process and understand how they get to the final product.”

Matt was active in sports all throughout his childhood and up through high school in everything from football, baseball, bowling, and basketball, to go-kart racing and even in Tae-kwon-do. In his senior year, he was in charge on the student-athlete section of the yearbook and kept track of where his graduating classmates were being recruited and reported them in the yearbook. One of his dreams was to play a sport at the college level himself. After passing up offers from division II football programs in Iowa and not being able to afford walking-on to the Nebraska football team after high school, he had a chance to try out for the Southeast Community College Storm (Division I junior college) a couple years removed from high school. He got the call from Coach Joel Wooten that he made the team.

He graduated with an Associates of Applied Arts degree SCC in the fields of Business Marketing & Management and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Tampa in the fields of Broadcasting & News Media. He has amassed over a decade of business marketing and sales experience and has more than six years in broadcasting & news media. He also had an internship at WDAE 620AM and 93.5FM, the top sports radio station in the Tampa Bay area and one of the top radio stations in the state. WDAE was also an ESPN, Fox Sports & News affiliate and is a part of iHeartRadio which made it even better. This is where Matt got his first opportunity to cover the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Florida Gators, Tampa Bay Rays and Tampa Bay Storm at the live events. This is also where he earned the nickname “Executioner” given to him by local radio veteran Ron Diaz of the Ron & Ian Show (now the Ron & JP Show), on the account of his ability to execute his work in the studio.

After his time interning in the top media market in Florida for a time was the Senior Executive Producer of The Consumer Quarterback Show. Where Matt was able to build the talk show to the top consumer advocate show in Tampa Bay. His work there helped to syndicate and simulcast the show on iHeartRadio, 102.5 The Bone, TuneIn Radio, & WeBeamTV, along with brokering the deal to eventually expand to Salem Media and 1380 TheBIZ and in negotiations to broadcating on cable television.

Matt has also covered baseball’s Caribbean World Series, the World Series of Boxing (Olympic Boxing), and several other major boxing and sporting events in Puerto Rico, during the time he lived on the island. He continues to learn and look for new experiences and opportunities in and around the world of sports. He feels that to get to success you should, “always continuing to grow, failing and learning from it, and not being fearful to do things differently.”

You can follow Matt on social media at the handle @mattlongsports.



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