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Luis Ortiz out, Bermane Stiverne in

Luis Ortiz out, Bermane Stiverne in

By James Bell


The World Boxing Council made their decision in reference to the bout that was scheduled for November 4th at the Barclays Center between WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz.

Due to the fact that Luis Ortiz tested positive for two illegal diuretics in the test that was conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, he is ineligible to fight against Wilder for the WBC title.

“The WBC has concluded the process according to its Clean Boxing Program protocol in the adverse finding of Luis Ortiz,” the WBC said in a statement. “An official ruling has been sent to the corresponding parties. The WBC has withdrawn its sanction of the Wilder vs. Ortiz fight and Wilder will fight next his mandatory fight against Bermane Stiverne.”

Stiverne, who is currently the #1 contender for the WBC title, was originally scheduled to fight Dominic Breazeale as part of an agreement between him and his team and Wilder and his team so that Wilder would have the opportunity to fight Ortiz. Now Stiverne steps up as the opponent for Deontay Wilder in the main event, while Dominic Breazeale will now fight Eric Molina instead of Stiverne.

This is a letdown for many fight fans as they were anticipating a fight between two of the highest ranked fighters in the heavyweight division. As soon as the news of Ortiz’s positive test was released, Ortiz and his team made the claim that the reason for the positive test was due to him taking medicine that was to regulate blood pressure. However, the medicine has also been linked to masking other illegal substances. As a result, Ortiz has been fined $25,000 and will go through random testing within the next six months.

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Luis Ortiz out, Bermane Stiverne in
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Luis Ortiz out, Bermane Stiverne in

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