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Lomachenko Retains Title Over Rigondeaux

Boxer Vasyl Lomachenko

Lomachenko Retains Title Over Rigondeaux

By James Bell


The Theater at the Madison Square Garden was a scene for those that loved the sport of boxing to see two of the most decorated fighters in the amateur ranks duke it out in the professional boxing ring. Vasyl Lomachenko came in defending the WBO super featherweight title against Guillermo Rigondeaux who was the WBA super bantamweight champion. Both Lomachenko and Rigondeaux were considered to be among the best in the sport pound for pound and were also thought to be the most skilled fighters in the sport.

In this matchup, fans were looking to see if the offense and movement of Lomachenko would get to the defense and ring savvy of Rigondeaux. At times it did look like it as Lomachenko was able to land punches and a few combinations to Rigondeaux while “Rigo” was not able to execute his gameplan and use his defense to his full capabilities. An injury to Rigondeaux’s hand caused the corner to stop the fight giving a TKO win to Vasyl Lomachenko for him to retain the title at super featherweight and moving to 10-1, while Rigondeaux suffered his first professional loss of his career.

Vasyl Lomachenko used his size and speed to get the upper hand on Rigondeaux who looked to dodge the output coming to him and wanted to counter, but he was not throwing the left hand as much as he is known for. After the opening round where Rigondeaux was getting Lomachenko a few times by being the aggressor, Lomachenko made adjustments to what Rigondeaux was doing and executed his gameplan. He threw combinations and avoided a few clinching attempts by Rigondeaux, plus used the ring to his advantage with movement. While it did seem like Lomachenko had a sizeable lead in the fight, there wasn’t an instance where Rigondeaux was in big trouble. However, with a hand injury that was clearly bothering him, Rigo could not execute the way he wanted to and his trainer put a halt to the fight after six rounds.

There will be many that look at the result of this fight and say that Lomachenko will be rated as the best fighter pound for pound, but we will see what the future holds for this talented Ukranian fighter.


[Photo: AP Photo / John Locher]



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Lomachenko retains title over Rigondeaux
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Lomachenko retains title over Rigondeaux

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