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Do I have to have experience writing?

No. Although it is a plus, not everyone has previous experience writing and again we want to help mold you into a better writer. Our process is about the opportunity to start writing and cutting your teeth much sooner than you would with the traditional newspapers and magazines.

Do I have to have a college degree?

No. We want to help mold you into a better writer and many times that means no degree or experience. Our process help you get the shot to learn in the real world right away.

Does this position pay or is it voluntary?

Everyone looks forward to earning a wage for the work they put in. The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports, because of the nature of the site does not have any paid positions. You are getting paid in experience and opportunity to assist you in your journey. There are some occasions where the writers are allowed to monetize their articles, once you hit a certain milestone.

What kind of things can I write about?

We are fully fledged sports websites that includes fitness and nutrition, along with some popular culture news elements.

Do you have a weekly quota?

Each writer knows their own limitations and because this is voluntary we do not have a quota per say, however we do encourage people to write for quality over frequency.

What do you look for in you writers, editors, and contributors?

Passion, attitude, and work ethic (PAW). If you have these three things you will do well here and in life in general. We can go over sentence structure and story lines. We have an online editor to score the submissions and people to think through topics. But your passion, the right attitude, and solid work ethic is what will make it all worthwhile. We believe that those three things cannot be taught and are tools that you have to learn and acquire on your own.

Who will see my work?

The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports readers and viewers all over the globe. We are currently only published in English but aspire to have the site translated into other languages in the future. We have a heavy emphasis on social media marketing and self-advertising.



If your question was not answered here feel free to email us to thechtonsports (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject Quick Question and we will be sure to get back to you within 10 businesses days or less. We appreciate the time people take to ask questions and we will honor that by answering them the best that we can.



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Joining the Team
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Joining the Team

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