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The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports

Joining the Team

Want to share your Cold Hard Truth as a member of our team.

In the not too distant past writers would have to go through years of schooling for journalism or other related, then rely on the relationship between the school and the newspaper or magazine to have a good relationship on you could get an internship with limited hour do grunt work and not real writing. To then hopefully catch a breaking with an entry level position not writer or editing, but something that assists that writers and editors, to then maybe get a shot at writing.

Online media has changed all of that and we want to want to help jump start your career or providing for freedom to those who have begun the journey. New media online allow up to publish and reach more people in minutes than people would do in a single days newspaper. We do this with all the grunt work and playing personal assistant.

We want to hear you Cold Hard Truth: On Sports, and know what you think of a given team, sports, or athlete. Everyone has a different style and we appreciate you uniqueness and what you have to say, regardless how popular it may be with others. We welcome fans, journalists, athletes and people from all background to share their Cold Hard Truth.

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