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Highlights from Dirrell-Uzcategui Presser

Highlights from Dirrell-Uzcategui Presser

By James Bell


Earlier today, the MGM National Harbor was the scene for the press conference of the Showtime Championship Boxing card that will be presented by TGB Promotions on Saturday, May 20th. The main event will feature the WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell, Jr. defending his title against Oscar Escandon and the co-feature will include Andre Direll returning to the ring after his win last year against Frank Camparello to face Jose Uzcategui, a tough Venezuelan that now resides in Mexico that has only lost to Matt Korobov.

Uzcategui went first in the press conference, giving short quotes as to what he looks forward to in the upcoming fight.

“I want to thank all the members of the press for coming out and all the media outlets and I just want to let you know that you don’t want to miss Saturday night because it’s going to be a great event…tune in to my fight against Andre Dirrell.”

Andre Dirrell was not present at the beginning of the press conference, but when he did show up, he did make his presence felt through the room. He along with his family and supporters came through, and once he did step on the podium he was very confident and excited to have the opportunity to get in the ring with Uzcategui. He also had some words for those that made it possible for him to have this fight take place.

“First off, I’d like to thank Al Haymon. He set this beautiful fight up for me…and in line again for another world championship and I cannot thank him enough,” Dirrell said after he walked up to the podium. “It’s been a long journey for me…I worked very very hard, but I’ve always managed to climb back on top.”

While talking about his opponent, he gave a lot of respect to him. “He is a hell of a fighter. If there’s anybody in line for a world championship it’s this man right here,” Dirrell said while pointing at Jose Uzcategui. “He has the guts, he has the will, he has the power, he has the skill. The boy can fight.”

Dirrell did give his props to his opponent, but as stated earlier his confidence was evident in his follow-up. “He’s up against a tougher opponent, a better opponent, more skilled, smarter…and I will show all of my abilities. Come May 20th, it’s time for work. It’s time for Andre to get on top, and stay on top.”

Andre Dirrell will have a large group coming to the fight on Saturday night to cheer him on, so it may seem like it is a home away from home for him that night. Jose will be coming off of a four fight winning streak and will see if he can keep his spot as the #1 contender for the IBF super middleweight title. If Dirrell wins, he will move up from the #3 spot and could potentially get another chance to fight James DeGale who beat him for that belt two years ago.

Dirrell and Uzcategui are ready to face off May 20th

Photos taken by James Bell for The Boxing Source

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Highlights from Dirrell-Uzcategui Presser
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Highlights from Dirrell-Uzcategui Presser

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