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Help Wanted: Backup Guard for Lebron James

LeBron James sitting on bench

Help Wanted: Backup Guard for Lebron James

BY Kevin Krest


Apparently, Cleveland Cavalier great Lebron James is a bit frustrated that his team has lost four of their last six games, with the superstar forced to play excessive minutes in the process.

James’ comments following 124-122 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, Monday night:

“I just hope that we’re not satisfied as an organization,” James told a small group of beat reporters who travel regularly to cover Cleveland’s road games. “I just hope we’re not satisfied.” …

“It’s great to have bodies,” James said. “Obviously, in the playoffs, you go down to what, eight max? And if somebody gets in foul trouble, you go to nine. You’re not playing back-to-backs. You have two days in between. You’re able to lock in.”

“It’s like when you don’t have bodies. It’s tough,” James said. “The [expletive] grind of the regular season. We’re a top-heavy team. We have a top-heavy team. We top-heavy as [expletive]. It’s me, [Kyrie Irving], [Kevin Love]. It’s top-heavy.” …

“I’m not singling out anybody,” James said. “I’m not. Yeah, we won [the championship], but [expletive], you know what, let’s see if we can do something.”

Before the season, you see, guard Matthew Dellavedova accepted a nice offer from the Milwaukee Bucks and since then small forward J.R. Smith has gone down with an injury, leaving only Kyrie Irving and Lebron to distribute the basketball.

The trade deadline is less than a month away, but that’s still plenty of time for Cavs’ GM David Griffin to make a deal. I guess Lebron is wanting to make sure the guys in the front office have a clear picture of the needs of the team.

Really? This is a GM that has done a pretty good job of getting the right pieces to the puzzle, including signing and keeping Kevin Love, bringing in the now injured Smith and adding a role player or two along the way. Center Chris “Birdman” Anderson, who was with The King in Miami, would have given the team better rebounding, but he’s out for the season with a torn ACL.

On Wednesday’s Mike and Mike Show on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith was critical of James for being so public with his frustration because it would just drive up the price of any players that Griffin chose to work a trade for. I tend to agree. It’s one thing to speculate what your trading partner’s urgency is, another to know with certainty that they’re desperate to appease the best player on the planet so they have a shot at a second consecutive title, probably having to face either the Warriors or Spurs in the Finals.

My feeling is, inflated value or not, Griffin and owner Dan Gilbert will find a way to get one or more deals done to bring much-needed help to ensure James gets to his seventh consecutive Finals, if not capturing another championship.


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Help Wanted: Backup Guard for Lebron James

Help Wanted: Backup Guard for Lebron James


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