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FSU WR Suspended Indefinitely Follow Five Felony Counts Including Fraud

FSU WR Suspended Indefinitely Follow Five Felony Counts Including Fraud

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BY Matthew Long


Friday, Florida State University, and Seminoles head football coach Jimbo Fisher announced that junior wide receiver Da’Vante Phillips is suspended moving forward.

Phillips is facing five felony counts related to allegations of fraudulent action with money orders. He was booked into Leon County jail on Thursday, where he released after posting bail on Friday. According to Leon County Sheriff’s officials, the FSU WR is staring down four felony charges of fraud one of which is felony cashing or depositing items with intent to defraud. On top of that, he also has one count of felony grand theft of more than $300 and less than $5000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Saturday.

The alleged fraud happened, according to Florida State University police probable cause affidavit, between January 13 and January 19 when Phillips bought four money orders valued at $485.89, then altered amounts using “white out or another substance” to the value of $700 each. He claimed in the affidavit that his wallet being stolen back in February, after which time he multiple transactions appeared on his bank account.

ABC 24 news reported that “14 charges that were on the account, four of them were $700. The others ranged from $100 to $101.” The police investigation uncovered the $700 checks appeared to have been tampered with. Furthermore, “that a suspect used a substance to hide the original amount of the checks and changed them.”

Law enforcement stated in the document, that the surveillance footage caught Phillips at the Publix purchasing checks and depositing the checks into a SunTrust Bank ATM. The total amount that Phillips deposited to his SunTrust Bank account was $2,800, and officials say that SunTrust Bank stands to lose $563.25 due to his fraud.

The Associated Press reported that “University policy states though that an athlete is indefinitely suspended while facing a felony charge. Phillips had taken part in the Seminoles’ first three preseason practices.”

The Noles are lacking depth at WR and Phillips was expected to see the field this season. They only have six scholarship players at the position following Phillips suspension. They are new eyeing Sr. defensive back for the position, according to Time Linafelt a senior writer for

The Seminoles are ranked third in the preseason Amway Coaches Poll and open their season against preseason top ranked Alabama in a neutral site game September 2.


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Photo: Leon County Sheriff’s (booking)]


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FSU WR Suspended Indefinitely Follow Five Felony Counts Including Fraud
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FSU WR Suspended Indefinitely Follow Five Felony Counts Including Fraud

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