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The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports Radio Show 1/24/2017

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The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports Radio Show 1/24/2017

Hosted BY: Matthew Long & Kevin Krest

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Great show for everyone tonight!

We lead off the show tonight with the CEO Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, Leigh Steinberg, to talk about some buzzing topics in the sports world. He’s been a major figure the sports world for decades, from to fight to legitimize CTE to his input in the classic sports movie Jerry McGuire.

Matt & Kevin will reflect on the NFL division championship games from this weekend and a look into the league in the past week. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going to their record seventh Super Bowl, to faceoff against Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan, and Atlanta Falcons. Following the Patriots victory over the Pittsburg Steelers Sunday night, Vegas open the line with the Falcons +3 in Super Bowl LI

Two of the three major college football all-star games are in the books, and we’ll give out take on some of the guys that played in the games and didn’t play by choice, or otherwise. Plus, the SportsBlotter, news, our guests, your calls, and more…


This is The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports, real sports talk, real sports takes, and less of the boring stats mainstream media directed dialog.



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TheCHTOnSports Radio Show 1/24/2017
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TheCHTOnSports Radio Show 1/24/2017


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