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Brent Musburger Leaving Play By Play Duties

Brent Musburger Leaving Play By Play Duties

BY Kevin Krest


I was a freshman in college in 1975 and the first weekend at school was the beginning of the NFL season. As Redskins fans, my dorm mates and I huddled around a small black and white television to tune into what we thought would be another boring pre-game show on CBS, at that time the network that broadcast the NFC games. But instead, we heard a new voice say “You’re looking live at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC” and instantly knew something very different was happening and 12:30 pm on Sundays would never be the same.

Musberger, along with Irv Cross and former Miss America Phyllis George brought an entertainment aspect to the program that mesmerized the nation. The host was young, dynamic, smart and captivating. Irv Cross brought a player’s perspective and Phyllis George brought, well, Phyllis George. One year later, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder would be the first to actually pick games against the spread, something we take for granted today. The groundbreaking show was our introduction to one of the most enduring sports broadcasting figures in history.

Brent Musburger and Jimmy "The Greek"

Brent Musburger & Jimmy “The Greek” (Photo Credit:

Today, ESPN announced that Tuesday night’s Kentucky – Georgia basketball game on the SEC Network would be the last broadcast for legendary announcer Brent Musberger. Whether it was football, tennis, basketball, baseball or golf, Musberger brought something special to the big events on CBS until he was fired in 1990. He didn’t miss a beat, quickly ending up at ABC and shortly thereafter on ESPN as part of the Disney tandem of networks. When I think of iconic broadcasters, it’s a pretty short list. Vin Scully, Pat Summerall, Keith Jackson, Al Michaels, Verne Lundquist and Brent Musburger immediately come to mind.

Initially, he added tremendous value to the network for his ability to pitch prime time programming, making each new show sound like the one that would literally change your life. Later, it was his preparation and professionalism that were particularly noticeable to me. Put me at a table with Keith, Al, Verne, Brent, Vin and a couple of bottles of wine and I wouldn’t wish for anything else for the rest of my life. The stories those guys could tell must be amazing. But unlike Keith Jackson and Vin Scully, Musburger isn’t retiring, but instead heading to Las Vegas to start a sports handicapping business. I guess he must have learned some secrets from Jimmy The Greek way back in the day, huh?


[Photo: Sam Morris / Las Vegas News Bureau]



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Brent Musburger Leaving Play By Play Duties

Brent Musburger Leaving Play By Play Duties


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