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Baker Mayfield Will Not Start Against Mountaineers

Baker Mayfield Will Not Start Against Mountaineers

BY Matthew Long


As the season wears on and teams come up on their final handful of games, the weight of their work lingers and intensity of the conference plays on emotions. That could be what pushed Oklahoma Sooners quarterback – and Heisman Trophy front-runner – Baker Mayfield to go over the edge.

Saturday, in what most would see as an easy victory against Kansas, Mayfield may have lost the edge in the Heisman race when he decided to taunt Jayhawks players after throwing for his third touchdown of the game, by yelling obscenities and grabbing his crotch.

Earlier today, Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley announced will be holding his senior signal caller out from the start of their upcoming game against West Virginia as disciplinary action for his crude behavior towards the Kansas players. Riley didn’t make it clear how long Mayfield would stay on the bench.

Although Baker’s actions were foul, they are fairly commonplace and had it happened on the field in a scrum the cameras may not have caught it in the same fashion and it may not be the topic of discussion plus a stain on his image and season. The Kansas players without a doubt provoked this reaction out of Mayfield by refusing to shake hands at the beginning of the game and continually took cheap shots at him on the field all game.

There is no telling how this will affect his chances of winning the Heisman this season or furthermore how it could affect his draft stock. Mayfield must prove in the coming weeks that he can be calm under pressure and when provoked, as more draft scouts will have their eyes on him.


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Baker Mayfield Will Not Start Against Mountaineers
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Baker Mayfield Will Not Start Against Mountaineers

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