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Adrien Broner wins, but has he changed?

Adrien Broner wins, but has he changed?

By James Bell


Cincinnati, Ohio was the site for Adrien Broner against Adrian Granados, which was the 15th one that Broner had in his hometown.

However, the fight on Saturday night at the Cintas Center was no ordinary fight…it was the first one that Broner had since his April 1st win against Ashley Theophane, where he was supposed to defend the WBA super lightweight championship but could not because he was overweight. Then he had the altercation at the bowling alley where he struck someone that presumably beat him in a series of bowling matches, which led to him to serving a 30 day jail stint for assault and robbery charges. After getting out, there was concern that Broner would get back into trouble and that concern was increased when he posted messages that gave hints that he was thinking about suicide. But that speculation was phased out and Broner stated that he would work on getting back to the ring. That culminated on Saturday night when he stepped in the ring against Granados, who is known for defeating the highly regarded prospect Amir Imam by knockout in 2015.

The judges scorecards were polarizing from two judges as one scored it 97-93 to Broner while another scored it 97-93 for Granados. The third and deciding judge scored it 96-94 for Adrien Broner, bringing his record to 33-2 while Granados dropped to 18-5-2. For some that looked at this matchup on paper, the result may seem a little shocking. Those that know both these fighters may have viewed it differently.

These two fighters are familiar with each other as they had been training against each other in the past, specifically when Broner was preparing for his fight against Marcos Maidana. They are also good friends and they both were in there fighting while thinking about a mutual friend in Ed Brown, who was murdered in Chicago in December 2016. At first, the fight was presumed to be at the light welterweight limit then it was soon boosted to a 142 catchweight limit. Issues with health at Broner’s camp made this fight become a welterweight limit scrap. There were questions about the motivation of Broner going into the night before the fight, but he along with Granados came in under the welterweight limit.

The ten round fight was a good back and forth scrap between the two as Granados started firing early with his jab and took advantage of the height and reach that he had over Broner. This carried over for the next round while Broner tried to make adjustments and counter with hooks which is his familiar strategy to begin his fights, then open up his offense later in the fight when his opponent starts to tire out and be more prone to getting hit. Granados used his previous experience in training with Broner to work on his weaknesses as he continued to pursue him within the middle rounds. Even though Broner seemed to be connecting with the power shots, Granados kept coming and kept throwing. His output did not seem to drop until the 8th round, where he started to get sloppy with his punches and looked to tire out. He was still game up to the 10th round and he along with Broner went at it until the final bell.

After the fight, Broner said that while he wanted to get back into the groove inside the ring, he wanted to apologize to his fans and to young children that were looking up to him while he was coming up the ranks in the pros. He says that he wants to become a better role model to his family (specifically his children) and the young people in the Cincinnati area. Will that mean a “different” Adrien Broner that many of us have seen in the past? That answer is yet to be known. For now, his win over Granados may be a sign that he could be off to better things for him in the future.

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Adrien Broner wins, but has he changed?
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Adrien Broner wins, but has he changed?


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